• Business
    advisory services
    Our Team of Experts and Associates identifies different attributes to Enliven your business
  • Develop
    your Strategies
    Use us to develop and implement your Business Strategy in the UK & Tamil Nadu (India)
  • Find
    the new
    Our Feasibility Studies & ‘Hand hold’ strategy, takes your Business into new horizons in the UK & Tamilnadu (India)

What can Chola do

  • Company formation and Secretarial services
  • Interim management / Back office support services
  • Liasoning and Representation services
  • Project planning and Feasibility studies
  • Finding joint venture partners.
  • ‘Ad-hoc’ Services
  • ‘Asking right questions’ – Services

This is a unique services, which Chola provides, where we represent our clients interest to professionals in the UK such as Solicitors, immigration consultants, Estate agents, accountants, Tax officers and other statutory authorities, by asking them the right/appropriate questions to safe guard our client interest.


CIL promoter and the company associates are qualified professionals and with rich experience in managing businesses. Our proven expertise ranges from assisting clients in conceptualizing their products and services to production and offer them go to market strategies, along with implementation support. When the need arises, we have also offered interim business management services. We also specialize in creating processes and procedures for various business activities and educate our clients’ staff members on policies and processes through various training programs.

The Chola Advantage

One of our biggest advantages is our ability to bring in expertise through our associates who include Solicitors, Practicing Accountants, and Tax Advisors for the benefit of our clients.

CIL can associate with companies with a specific focus on expansion in the UK and India and we were able to deliver our promises time and again. Our mantra has always been demonstrating professionalism and deliver what has been promised.

The promoter of CIL is a qualified Engineer with a Master’s degree in Management from the UK and also Doctorate in Public finance. He has been resident in the UK for more than 20 years and has a well-established network to execute projects.

Our Commitment

At Chola, we commit ourself to provide Transparent and Client focused services in developing your business in the UK & Tamilnadu (India). Reach us for any value added services. We can directly provide you or coordinate it through our professional associates.

We are a delivery focused company who thrives on growing with our clients.





66.5 Million


2.66 Trillion

GDP Per Capita (US$)

$ 44,200

Area (Sq km)

(England 130,000)

(Tamil Nadu)


67 Million


300 Billion

GDP Per Capita (US$)

$ 3,100

Area (Sq km)


Why Choose Us?


We provide expertise in many areas of business directly or with associates. Our services will include detailed study using experts in field of Tax, Accounting, Legal, Immigration or any functional domain as it may be…


We are a fully GDPR complainant organization.


At Chola, we provide services needed to the client’s specific requirements. Not all companies are same or requirements are common. Our team and our associates are professionally trained and qualified and aspire to provide, professional and transparent services at all times. We aspire to excel in our services and assure to provide full confidentiality when providing our services.


Team in CIL and its associates are all atleast 15 years experiences in their field of expertise and have indepth knowledge and understanding in their specialised fields with a broad outlook for the future changes and evolvement in their specialised fields.


We are always there for you, and we would ensure that we will be there at any point of time in any day you need us.

Our Partners

Integrity & Transparency